The Milk. 
The Whole Milk. 
Nothing but 
the Milk.

It's time to get real about milk.

For some reason, milk has been under attack. Some critics are saying don’t drink milk – it’s unneeded, unnatural,
and bad for you. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Thousands of scientific studies have documented the benefits of drinking milk. Don’t be misled by alarming headlines
or passionate critics. Get the full story about milk. Nutrition is a science, not a point of view. See what the real
experts are saying about milk – one of the most naturally nutrient-rich beverages you can find.

Some are avoiding dairy milk or replacing it with an alternative. But it’s tough to make up for the nutrients that
real milk provides – which is particularly troubling for growing kids, who will likely suffer the most.

Learn the facts.

About Real Milk



Milk isn’t just for kids – although it’s especially important for growing kids who need the nourishment that milk provides. Milk is an affordable, convenient and easily accessible source of essential nutrients for all family members. More


Milk Contains

That some people think.

No matter what you choose – fat free, low fat, organic – dairy milk provides 9 essential nutrients. Fat-free milk contains just 80 calories per cup, and all the nutrients are still intact. Rest assured, the milk is not diluted. More


Skeptics may claim that milk isn’t necessary, but a large body of scientific research suggests otherwise. Studies repeatedly show the benefits of drinking two to three glasses of milk a day. More


It’s hard to get nutrients you need without milk in your diet. Studies with adults and kids have shown just how tough that is, and how missing those nutrients can have a negative health impact. More


Milk is one of the original local, farm-to-table foods. It’s a product from farm families that care about their cows. In fact, 97% of dairy farms are still family-owned and operated – passed down from generation to generation. More