Milk and Antibiotics: Is Your Milk Safe?

Rigorous testing ensures that there are no antibiotics in the store-bought milk you drink

What are the real facts about milk and antibiotics? If you wonder are there antibiotics in the milk you buy at the grocery store, the answer is no. Stringent and mandatory testing ensures that the milk that arrives at your grocery store never contains antibiotics, and that milk is one of the safest foods you can buy.

Does Milk Contain Antibiotics?

Are there antibiotics in milk I buy at the store?

No. There are strict standards in place to ensure the milk you buy at the store is safe. Milk is tested for antibiotics at each stage of the delivery process — from the farm, before it is transported and again at the dairy processing facility. Each of these tests determines that milk does not contain antibiotics — long before it reaches the grocery store. It is because of these rigorous testing standards that milk is one of the safest food products you can buy.


Dairy Products and Antibiotics 

Is milk from sick cows still used?


Sick cows are marked with a leg band — and are not part of the milking herd during treatment. When a sick cow is milked, that milk immediately is discarded — it does not get into the food supply. While a cow may have been ill only a short time, that milk is withheld for a longer period of time to keep any antibiotics residues in milk out of the supply.

Antibiotics in Cow’s Milk

Is it safe to drink milk if there are antibiotics in it?


The FDA tests milk (down to parts per billion) to make sure that there are no antibiotics in any dairy product at the grocery store. And there are financial penalties for farmers if their milk does not pass these tests, and they risk losing their license to sell milk. So all milk is safe to drink — because antibiotics in milk do not get into the food supply.

Organic Milk and Antibiotics

Does organic milk contain antibiotics?

No. All milk is safe and wholesome. Organic standards ensure farmers do not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, synthetic hormones or antibiotics for their cows. Get the facts about organic milk.

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Antibiotics in Cow’s Milk

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